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BroadCam Video Streaming Server 2.35

Stream recorded or live video over the Internet or the local network
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BroadCam Video Streaming Server lets you stream video over the Internet or the local network. The tool can broadcast not only prerecorded clips but also a live signal from your webcam or any other IP camera. The program has a straightforward interface and its use does not demand any previous experience.

Each of the sources you add can be protected with a password to prevent unauthorized access. Reversely, the tool also lets you invite selected people to view the streaming video by entering their email addresses. It is also possible to monitor active viewers and keep a log of the recipient IPs. Likewise, you can blacklist given IPs.

The program allows streaming each signal from two different IPs, one on the local network and the other on the Internet. Moreover, it is possible to configure additional routing options. For each of the signals, you can even choose the streaming format (FLV and HTML5) and adjust quality parameters, including bitrate, framerate, and video size. In addition, each show can be watermarked so that it can be easily identified by the audience. Luckily, in case there are bandwidth limitations, you can always upload the stream to a cloud service.

To conclude, BroadCam Video Streaming Server is a good choice for streaming video over a network. It works smoothly and is relatively easy to configure. As the product is shareware with a 14-day trial period, you can see it for yourself. However, I must alert you that you should be attentive during the installation process unless you want other undesired products by the same developer to be installed as well. Similarly, the product has links to other related software tools.

Pedro Castro
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  • Streams both recorded or live video
  • Protects broadcasts with a password
  • Manages connected users
  • Supports configuring output video
  • Supports uploading streams to the Cloud


  • Contains several links to other products by the same developer
  • Downloads and installs on-demand components
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